About Us

Distance Education established with the lofty vision of making top-quality education available to eager students, particularly from the underprivileged and rural section, and thus prepares today’s youth to be the builders and leaders of a prosperous tomorrow.


To establish a branch to ensure high quality academic 
delivery and to promote a strong research culture among the faculty members. 

To deliver career-oriented educational programs of quality and develop an expanding pool of faculty members  Program. To collaborate with leading Universities/Institutions for student-exchange and faculty-exchange programs. 


The primary mission of IIET is to create a cadre of professional men and women who have been imparted specialized skills, who have learnt to consider problems from a broad perspective and who have acquired a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility that their future positions of leadership demand of them. In short the Mission is: “Learning for Leadership”. 


 Preference to local students and teachers. 

• Merit-based admissions, no management quota, no capitation fee/donation. 

• Placement opportunities throughout India through balanced development of right knowledge, soft skills and   positive attitudes. 

• Faculty development programs 

• Creating employment for teaching and non-teaching staff.